Versus  Biography

Carl Craig’s interest in collaboration continually grows and is realized in full with ‘Versus’, one of his boldest endeavors to date. For ‘Versus’, Craig merges techno and classical music, opening himself up to working in a new format by collaborating with pianist Francesco Tristano, French orchestra Les Siècles, conductor Francois Xavier Roth and Moritz Von Oswald. Inspired by well-received performances in concerts halls in Paris, Milan and Germany in 2008, Craig started the process of developing the project into an album, which features eight of his techno masterpieces recomposed into classical pieces. Versus the album was released in the summer of 2017, followed by a tour as the Versus Synthesizer Ensemble where Carl Craig is joined on stage by five musicians, together interpreting the music from the album onto a synthesizer wall.

Following the success of the Versus album and tour, he continued to explore the boundaries between techno and classical music with a series of innovative sonic experiments. Highlights of these include a 2018 performance in Krakowice alongside the Polish National Symphony Orchestra featuring select pieces from Versus, as well as a historic 2019 show at The Royal Albert Hall alongside the Chineke! Orchestra – Europe’s first BME majority orchestra – amongst many others.