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Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds  Biography

Kevin Reynolds Biography Born to two Irish-American Detroit autoworkers/civil rights activists, Kevin Reynolds’ musical ear was trained by the soundtrack to the late night drives decidedly put on the car stereo by his parents: none other than the urbane and otherworldly voice of celebrated Detroit radio dj, Electrifyin’ Mojo…

While his mother attended medical school at Michigan State University, Kevin and his family lived in student housing that housed families from around the globe, with neighbors blaring insistent sounds of such diverse backgrounds as Afropop, music from China’s urban centers, Tejano music, and spaced melodic sounds from the Middle East. Kevin was self taught when it came to making music with machines; obsessed with being able to create the music he was being exposed to on a daily basis, he approached and helped design the first Music Technology class in his high school…

Reynolds’ first foray into a professional music career was a call to work at Derrick May’s seminal classic label Transmat Records. Initially signed on as an audio engineer fresh out of college in the dry deserts of Arizona, Derrick saw other plans for Reynolds and pushed him to develop knowledge in all aspects of music. While at Transmat, Reynolds was given the opportunity to manage all the audio production functions of the pioneering label. Working as an engineer and tour manager of Derrick May’s Hi Tech Soul band Time: Space including Aril Brikha, John Beltran, Neil Olliverra, Tony Drake, Jeremy Ellis he travelled throughout North America, Europe and Japan. Among the many projects executed during his tenure at Transmat, he also curated the official music compilation for “Movement,” Detroit’s 2004 electronic music festival. Ever involved in Detroit, Kevin manages the Made In Detroit stage at Movement every year making sure his fellow Detroiter’s performances go off to the highest heights.

Kevin’s music draws hints from a wide spectrum of artists. Never a DJ, Kevin chooses to perform all his music live on the spot. In his music you can hear the steely mechanics of Kraftwerk, the powerful blasts of John Coltrane, the emotive synths of Carl Craig, the social commentary of A Tribe Called Quest, the rawness of Jeff Mills, and lush waves of Sergio Mendes. On record, balance is key to his music: “You must have the light with the dark, day with night, and it’s a natural balance of opposites. ”

Since his initial steps at Transmat, Kevin also had the opportunity to be the US tour manager for Neo Soul artist Amp Fiddler. Founding his own label, Todhchai, he has composed music for Microsoft Ford Sync, Lexus of America , Blue Cross Blue Shield, Red Bull and the Mayor of Detroit. This lead to the privilege of remixing The Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Stravinsky’s riotous “Rite of Spring”. In 2006, Reynolds released his first record “Afrik” to critical acclaim and championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Osunlade, Jazzanova, DJ Karizma and Masters At Work. The UK’s BBC Radio One dubbed Reynolds the “new sound of Detroit Techno.” His live performances have been showcased at Detroit Electronic Music Festival Movement in 2001, 2004, 2009 and 2014. Resident Advisor highlighted the 2009 performance and LittleWhiteEarbuds called it “fresh, evocative deep house tunes that never stopped evolving” With recent tours of
Europe and Asia including performances along side Mike Huckaby, Osunlade, Patrice Scott, Chloe Robinson, DJ Stingray & Aril Brikha marked by a heated and stunning performance Berlin’s legendary Berghain / Panorama Bar to new years eve in tropical Sri Lanka. His recent works have been featured on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records with the release of Come On Then, Riverfront and his first album “A Certain Circumstance”