Byron The Aquarius

Byron The Aquarius  Biography

As of 2024, Byron The Aquarius continues to be a captivating force in the realm of electronic music,
renowned for his infectious enthusiasm when discussing live frequencies. Specializing as a keys player,
Byron’s unwavering passion for melody and harmony has consistently garnered attention from the
forefront of electronic music’s leading labels and producers.

In 2015, Byron marked his presence with a ten-track solo album titled “Planets of Love,” released on
BBE. Simultaneously, he lent his keyboard prowess to studio sessions with Kai Alce. Theo Parrish,
captivated by the sublime jazz-infused house sound, handpicked two tracks for release on his iconic
Sound Signature label in 2016, resulting in the acclaimed “Highlife EP,” praised as “stunning,”
“intoxicating,” and “essential.”

Over the ensuing years, Byron’s musical output has maintained an impressive standard, gracing labels
such as Wild Oats, Eglo Records, and more. In the last three years alone, Byron has unveiled three
full-length albums. His debut, “Astral Traveling,” surfaced on Mutual Intentions, followed by the
“Ambrosia LP” on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records the subsequent year. Most recently, he released “The New
Beginning LP” on the esteemed UK label Shall Not Fade. Byron’s global presence extends beyond the
studio, as he tours extensively, captivating audiences at renowned festivals like Dimensions, Dekmantel,
Suncebeat, Lente Kabinet, All Points East, and numerous esteemed clubs worldwide.

The dawn of 2023 marked a significant milestone in Byron’s career with the launch of his own label,
TALKNOI$E Records. The inaugural release, a five-track EP, offered a limited vinyl run and a digital
release across all platforms. 2023 also included strong releases on Clone Records, Fool’s Gold, and
remixes for artists such as Felipe Gordon, Kuna Maze, and others. Byron The Aquarius remains a
dynamic and influential figure, 2024 will see a further increased emphasis on continually pushing
boundaries and exploring new sonic landscapes in the ever-evolving world of electronic music through
his label.