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D3 consist of three members of Underground Resistance : De'Sean Jones a power house saxophonist, Jon Dixon an extraordinary keyboardist and Mark Flash with over 30 years of experience in beats, rhythm and live percussions.

It all started in Brazil at a well known night club in Sao-Paulo called D-EDGE where Mark Flash was scheduled for the after party following the Underground Resistance show featuring Galaxy to Galaxy. Instead of performing alone he invited De’Sean and Jon, who still had their instruments, to accompany him for a live jam session. 

The crowd was amazed by the total improvisation, musicianship and energy! This unique performance formed a new musical hybrid known as D3.

“It’s all about the exchange of energy between the band and the crowd” Because of the improvisation, no two shows are the same, each performance is unique. Their style takes you on a musical journey from Hi Tech Jazz, House to Detroit Techno and Cosmic Caribbean Soul. Since D3 does not do recordings you need to physically be there to catch this energy!

D3 Descendants of the Resistance is not just a band… it‘s an experience.

https://youtu.be/16D9kOHexws - D3 Live in Paris
https://youtu.be/-T9gtXwDkz4 - D3 Live for Boiler Room in Manaus